Welcome to Tigernet!

Tigernet is the Lawrence Woodmere Academy Intranet website. It is designed to be the primary online resource for students and teachers, helping them to communicate effectively about their courses and to build a sense of community through self-expression. It is hosted on a web server located on school grounds and uses free, open-source software to provide a variety of useful applications. All content is password protected, creating a “walled garden” where students can learn to communicate electronically with peers and adults in a moderated space that is safer than the public Internet. There are three main components of Tigernet, each built on a different open-source application:

  • The central component of Tigernet is a content portal, built on the Drupal software platform. Teachers and students can use this system to share ideas and projects with each other and to discover common interests. Unlike a static website, where information is created and maintained by select individuals, on a content portal like Tigernet, any community member can post content for others to experience in the form of blog entries, news stories, podcasts, videos and photographs. Content from different posts can be tied together through the free application of special labels, called tags, creating an interconnected web of ideas. Students are encouraged to post their thoughts, share their finished projects, and comment on the posts of others across academic disciplines and divisions. Over time, students build a digital portfolio of work and a body of conversation with peers and adults on a variety of topics.

    • To access the content portal component of Tigernet, log in using your LWA network username and password in the fields to the left.

  • The second component of Tigernet is a Course Management System (CMS) based on the Moodle software platform. A CMS is a tool for creating and participating in effective online learning environments based on academic courses. Teachers can use this system to develop a web page for each course that they teach. They can post homework assignments, upload or link to resources, and develop interactive activities for students to engage in, including online discussions, workshops, and quizzes. Students can then access the web pages for their classes to keep up to date with their assignments, participate in activities, even upload their projects or check their grades. Each course page is maintained by the teacher for that course and the range of features available in the software means that the look and experience of a particular course page may vary from teacher to teacher or division to division.

    • To access the course management component of Tigernet, click on the Courses link at the top of the page and log in using your LWA network username and password.

  • The third component of Tigernet is a support request tracking system based on the Request Tracker software platform. Faculty and staff can use this system to submit technical support or maintenance requests and track the progress of those requests. Notifications about the progress of requests are also sent by email. The system allows the Maintenance and Technology departments to prioritize and maintain an audit trail for outstanding issues.

    • To access the support request component of Tigernet, click on the Support link at the top of the page and log in using your LWA network username and password.

Each of the three components must be accessed separately using a valid LWA network username and password. Parents wishing to view student content or access resources available on Moodle course pages must ask their student to log in to the appropriate component with the student’s username and password and browse the site together.

The LWA Technology department maintains and supports Tigernet. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us via email at help@lawrencewoodmere.org.